Corrugated Plastic Roofing

Corrugated plastic roofing is an affordable roofing solution that people could go for especially when looking for material to roof outdoor shelters like patios. Plastic roofing is both stylish and beautiful.  Some of this roofing’s features include:

  • They are translucent
  • They are rigid, being made of plastic
  • They are delicate as compared to iron roofing

Plastic corrugated roofing sheets provide shelter from rain and scorching sun. At the same time, they filter out the dangerous UV rays that cause harm to peoples’ skin and eyes. These sheets are usually made from hard plastic, making them quite durable. If well taken care of, plastic corrugated roofing sheets could last for up to 20 years. They, therefore, protect one’s decks for relatively long periods. On top of all the advantages, the clear corrugated plastic roofing lets light into the room and gives it a more naturally sunny feel. This brings about a relaxed and serene mood to a person’s patio, making it suitable for relaxing and lounging.

All these plastic roofing materials come in different sizes, and therefore, one has to be careful when selecting them in order to ensure that he or she settles for neither too large nor too small. Too large is, however, better than too small since the corrugated plastic roofing sheets can be cut to size using either a fine-tooth saw blade or garden sheers. Corrugated plastic roofing panels are the roofing panels that are on the highest demand today. This is because of the touch of modernity that they have, making them appear quite unique and beautiful.

Uses of Corrugated Plastic Roofing

Below are some of the uses of corrugated plastic roofing;

  • For providing shelter to patios
  • For beauty and elegance
  • For regulation of UV rays
  • To allow for light penetration

Corrugated plastic roofing has to be laid on a slope that is at least one inch per foot. This allows for proper drainage for better functionality. When using more than one sheet for roofing, ensure these sheets overlap one another. This is so that to give an allowance for maximum shelter by preventing unnecessary leaks into the patio.


Below is how to install corrugated plastic roofing;

  • Measure the size of the roof to determine the number of sheets required
  • Pre-drill screwing holes with an expansion and contraction allowance
  • Use fasteners to secure these sheets to the roof
  • Overlap the sheets in case its more than one
  • Clean up the roof

One should buy corrugated plastic roofing;

  • From a trusted supplier
  • Based on these commodities’ reviews
  • With warranties

Corrugated plastic roofing is the best roofing for patios, but in order for them to work well, a person needs corrugated plastic panels. Make the right choice today when it comes to your roofing.